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Rising Sun's Exhaust System Repair Team

When your car isn’t running like normal, stop by Roger's Automotive in Rising Sun, MD. We are devoted to getting everything you need taken care of efficiently and at an affordable price. From a quick oil change to a full brake replacement, we do it all. 

If you haven’t had your vehicle serviced in a while and are looking for honest advice on what should be fixed, contact us. We perform comprehensive vehicle inspections that you can rely on. We also sell a variety of tires from brands that you know and trust, and repair tires when possible to save you money. All of our auto repairs are completed with safety and security in mind, and we’ll always make sure that your vehicle is safe for the road. 

From large family vans to small sedans, we’ve worked on all makes and models. We know that our experience will lend well to your need, and we'll always work hard to ensure that you're completely satisfied. 

Our experienced mechanic, Roger, has been in the field for 35 years, and is trusted by many to provide the quality of service your vehicle needs. 

Contact our experienced team and we know that we won’t let you down. Call today to speak with a member of the staff about scheduling an appointment.  

A technician at Roger's Automotive Inc. looking at a customers exhaust

Automotive Services

                                                                          Specializing in Custom Dual Exhaust                                                               Exhaust 

                                                                                               Oil Changes                                                                                Affordable Prices 

                                                                                         Brakes and Rotors                                                                     Tire Sales And Repair

                                                                                        Vehicle Inspections                                                              Knowledgeable Mechanics 

                                                                      Transmission and Engine Replacement                                                          AC Repair

                                                                                         Suspension Work                                                                     Driveability Problems

                                                                                           Balancing Tires                                                                       Gas and Diesel Vehicles

                                                                        Maintenance on Diesel and Chassis                                                   Motor Oil Recycling